Meet & Greet with Roger Federer 2015

On October 21st 2015, Lindt & Sprüngli invited consumers from all around the world to meet Roger Federer at the headquarters in Switzerland. 29 people from 7 different countries travelled to Zurich for a full day of excitement and new experiences.

Watch the video here

Finally, the day of the Meet and Greet has come…

After exploring the old town of Zurich in the morning, our international guests are warmly welcomed to the headquarters of Lindt & Sprüngli in Kilchberg. It is time to discover the world of LINDT chocolate in a workshop where our winners make their very own LINDT chocolate creations.

While our guest are designing their chocolate tablets and pralines, the sliding doors of the LINDT Chocolateria slowly open - and in comes Roger Federer. With a big contagious smile on his face he joins the Meet & Greet winners in finding out what makes LINDT chocolate so special. Our LINDT Maitres Chocolatiers passionately explain our guests the five steps of the LINDT Difference. Roger is in a great mood, joking with the guests, sharing personal stories and chatting with everyone.

"It was an incredible feeling to talk to Roger for a moment, his times is so precious."

After the chocolate workshop, it is time to get bags and t-shirts signed and to take the official picture with the great tennis player. But just like every good movie has to come to an end, also Roger has to leave after a great afternoon. 
It has been an exciting day for everyone and will surely be remembered for a lifetime.  

Watch: Roger Federer creating chocolate with his fans at Lindt & Sprüngli