Excellence Lime Intense

Experience a fresh combination of flavours with pieces of lime zest providing a stunning textural experience that harmonizes perfectly with the silkiness of LINDT EXCELLENCE dark chocolate. The fresh citrus aroma and crisp, slightly tart flavour delivers a truly refreshing taste sensation.
100g net
  • EXCELLENCE dark chocolate Lime Intense
  • EXCELLENCE dark chocolate Lime Intense
Nutrition facts
 Typical Nutritional Information per 100g
 Energy  2161kJ
Protein  6.0g 
Carbohydrate  50g
 - of which total sugar  48g
Total fat  31g 
 - of which saturated fat   18g
 Dietary fibre 9.9g 
Sodium  12mg

Ingredients: Sugar, cocoa mass, cocoa butter, anhydrous milk fat, freeze-dried lime 1% (lime zest 40%), lemon flavouring, emulsifier (soya lecithin), flavouring (vanillin).

Contains: soya.

May contain sesame seeds, wheat and nuts.

Dark chocolate contains: Cocoa solids: 47% min.

Clients reviews

So -- I do not have a sweet tooth and don't usually eat much chocolate, but I fell in love with this one. The chocolate itself is not overly sweet, and the crisp, fresh zestiness of lime perfectly counterbalances and enhances the delicate intensity of the dark chocolate. For the past year and half, every time I find a store that stocks it, I buy up every single bar of Zest of Lime or Lime Intense on the shelf. A single square of chocolate at the end of the day - or two (or three) -- became my reward and comfort at the end of the day. For the past few months though, I have been unable to find these bars anywhere... and it is breaking my heart. Surely I am not the only person in this wonderful city that has become unbearably attached to these chocolates! I cannot even seem to find them online. I am now down to my very last square, as I desperately seek a source, online or offline, for the one and only chocolate for me.

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