"The crown of dark chocolate which reveals the true taste and strength of exceptional cocoa beans. With its strong flavour, full bodied cocoa taste and intense smell, it melts slowly in the mouth with persistent, smoky and roasted flavours - The ideal choice for truly sophisticated palates. The colour is jet-black, the aroma earthy, with roasted coffee and dried plums, and an incomparable cocoa flavour is received, with notes of vanilla, rich fudge and blackberries. The taste is the most intense chocolate experience possible, delivered with superb texture and a superior melt. "
100g net
  • 99% dark chocolate
  • Lindt Excellence Dark Chocolate 99%
Nutrition facts
 ENERGY  2433 kJ
   590 kcal
 FAT  51 g
 ASH  4.7 g
 PROTEIN  15 g
POTASSIUM  1650 mg
SODIUM  25 mg
IRON  5 mg
CALCIUM  120 mg
EXCELLENCE DARK 99% Ingredients: Cocoa mass. Fat reduced cocoa powder. Cocoa butter. Demerara sugar. Cocoa solids: 99% minimum. Dry cocoa solid : 99% mini. Fat 49g/100g, saturated 30g/100g, trans fat 0g/100g. May contain nuts, milk and soya

Clients reviews

Adore this chocolate. It is the best to be had! Once the palate gets used to it, all other chocolate pales in comparison. Thanks for an excellent product!

Thank you so much for making it possible for us to have 99% of pure cacao!! I just bought it today and it made my day <3

It is the holy grail of chocolate! After getting used to it, even 85% ones taste too sweet. Thanks for creating this product. If you are mad about chocolate, give it a try, but follow the instructions inside the box before you eat it for the first time :)

Love it love it love it....thanks for creating this great product!

Real taste of chocolate...
I'm from Iran and I bought this product from England, I'm enjoying this now!
Thank you for your delicious cocoa! ;-)

Let it melt in your mouth. My lovely Chocolate. It makes my day <3.

Die beste Schokolade! :)

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