Lindt Mini Pralines Box 100g


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Finest Cocoa

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The Lindt Invention

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Finishing With Perfection

Lindt Mini Pralines Box contains 20 exquisite Lindt Pralines, crafted with passion by the Lindt Master Chocolatiers. This luxurious selection of milk, dark and white miniature masterpieces is the fruit of passion, expertise and creativity. The Lindt Master Chocolatiers have been perfecting the art of fine chocolate since 1845, using the best quality cocoa and finest ingredients. Featuring nine enticing variants to suit all tastes, Lindt Mini Pralines is the perfect token gift for any occasion.

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Lindt Mini Pralines on a marble table top.
Woman holding a Lindt Mini Pralines box over a green field with flowers.
Lindt mini pralines boxes on a picnic cloth.
Woman holding Lindt MINI PRALINES in flower garden
Two girls on a dock with a Lindt Mini pralines box
Lindt Maitre Chocolatier at work.