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Lindt Excellence Dark Raspberry Intense Bar 100g

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Lindt Excellence Dark Raspberry Chocolate is a bar of rich, luxurious chocolate made with the finest ingredients by our Master Chocolatiers. The perfect blend of smooth dark chocolate combines delicious dried raspberry pieces and a profound gourmet taste to create an experience to treat the all senses – delight in the smooth texture and deep colour, enjoy the satisfying crisp snap of the exceptionally thin diamonds and cherish the rich aroma before finally indulging in the intense symphony of cocoa flavours with a touch of raspberry as the dark Lindt chocolate melts on the tongue.

Tasting Notes

The aroma of balanced cocoa notes combined with the bursting bouquet of ripe raspberries is a sensory celebration.

The bright pieces of raspberries resemble jewels within the dark chocolate and deliver a crisp and delightful crunch that contrasts with the silky smooth dark chocolate.

This masterfully balanced chocolate celebrates the natural tartness of the berries and the sweet, yet intricate cocoa flavour. A perfect and enchanting taste experience from the Lindt Master Chocolatiers.


Fruity, fresh and floral elegance


Balanced cocoa with welcome tartness and luxurious red fruit

From the Maitre

Using freeze dried raspberries provides a stunning, concentrated and rich berry flavour whilst also bringing a delectable crisp texture. Dark chocolate and berry is a great match anyway but this is a truly stunning berry chocolate. Delicious with a red wine.

From our kitchen to yours

Step into the Maître Chocolatier’s kitchen and learn from the best about the secrets of chocolate making, baking and creating confectionery delights.

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Chai latte with EXCELLENCE Chocolate
Lindt EXCELLENCE chili hot chocolate
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Excellence Chocolate bars with clothes and a suitcase on a bed.
Lindt EXCELLENCE chocolate poured over glutenfree pancakes
Lindt Maitre Chocolatier pouring Milk into chocolate