Lindt Excellence Dark 78% Bar 100g


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Lindt Excellence 78% Cocoa is a full-bodied chocolate with notes of rich, deep caramel, vanilla and roasted malt, and subtle hints of elegant floral tones. This sophisticated bar delivers deep cocoa flavour balanced by a luxuriously smooth and creamy texture.

Tasting Notes

Rich cocoa aromas: balanced and intense. With a firm snap that creamily and luxuriously melts, this high cocoa chocolate delivers a smooth and velvety texture.

The complexity of the cocoa flavor unfolds on the palate with rich caramel notes and a floral note.


Rich, dark cocoa with notes of caramel


Balanced yet profound, creamy with delicate floral notes

From the Maitre

A stunning dark chocolate with a rich and intense cocoa flavour. The addition of just a touch of dairy adds a richness and creamy melt that is quite unique for a high percentage cocoa chocolate. A stunning high percentage cocoa chocolate.


Lindt Excellence 78% chocolate pairing with English Breakfast tea

English Breakfast

Lindt Excellence 78% chocolate pairing with Cappuccino


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