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What does the cocoa percentage in chocolate refer to?

The ​cocoa percentage refers to the amount of ingredients coming from the cocoa beans - such as cocoa mass or cocoa butter - used to create the chocolate. It provides chocolate connoisseurs a good guidance of what to expect from a chocolate: the higher the cocoa percentage, the more of the cocoa attributes you will experience and the less sweetness the chocolate will have.

The rich cocoa notes of fine chocolate

Cocoa is a truly exquisite ingredient, with more than 600 flavour notes.

Fruity tones, roasted nut aromas, caramel or floral notes, hints of spice and even complex nuances such as vegetal notes create the rich flavour bouquet of high-quality chocolate. 

It is this richness which makes chocolate so perfect to pair with a broad range of ingredients.

Cocoa beans in bags.
Cocoa beans of different shape, size, colour.

Fine-flavour beans and varieties

Just like wine and coffee, there are also different varieties of cocoa. The different characteristics originate from the variety itself, but also from the conditions in which the cocoa tree grows and how the beans are processed after the harvest.

Fine-flavour cocoa, such as the Criollo or Nacional varieties, is high-quality cocoa with distinctive aromas and makes up 5-10% of the world's cocoa. Consumer cocoa, such as the Forastero variety, has a robust cocoa flavour and makes up the remaining 90-95%. For our fine chocolate, we use an exceptionally high percentage of fine-flavour cocoa beans. 

EXCELLENCE                  The finest dark chocolate

When it comes to intense chocolate delight, Lindt EXCELLENCE is truly a masterpiece. Inspired by the finest quality cocoa and passion for perfection, EXCELLENCE was first created in 1989 and has delighted the palate of chocolate connoisseurs ever since. 

The Lindt Master Chocolatiers purposefully chose to shape EXCELLENCE with a thin profile to ensure that the chocolate would smoothly melt on the palate and release the full variety of fine cocoa aromas to enliven your senses.

Lindt Excellence 70%
Excellence 100% Cocoa bar on a dark background.


Lindt EXCELLENCE 100% Cocoa is the most fascinating discovery for the chocolate purists. This masterfully crafted bar is intense and robust; yet surprisingly sweet, balanced and decadently rich with wonderful cocoa tones.  

This truly unique EXCELLENCE creation will give you the richest taste experience possible.

Excellence Orange Intense tablet.

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Master Chocolatier holding a chocolate bar.

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Cocoa pods in a basket in the forest.

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